Author: Cora Kelley | August 20, 2014

4 Factors of a Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle should be the most important thing in an athlete’s life.  The factors I would consider the most important factor of a healthy lifestyle are theses 4 things; eat right, stay away from drugs and alcohol, stay fit, and have a good state of mind. Eating right plays a huge role in a healthy lifestyle. Eating right is what keeps your body going and eating the right foods make it easier for your body to keep up with all the activities you are doing. Being healthy also means staying away from the drugs and alcohol. All that drugs and alcohol do is slow your body down. They may be fun at the time but not when at the time of your game. It will slow you down and stop you from having the ability of being the best you can be. Staying fit is also an important factor. I know you may think staying fit is a “need to do” thing through any sport season, but even out of sports it is important to keep exercising. By exercising daily or even every other day it keeps your body toned, fit, and healthy. It is important for an athlete to always be in shape. But, what having a healthy lifestyle means most to me is, having a positive mind. You need to be in the right state of mind all the time. If you set your mind to goals in life and believe you can achieve that goal it will be so much easier to accomplish that goal when you believe you can, rather than doubting yourself.  Think positive on yourself and others and don’t think down on yourself or ever think something is impossible, because once you believe something is impossible, it is. These factors are what a healthy lifestyle means to me.

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