Life of an AthleteOptimal performance is now easier for New Hampshire high school athletes to attain. A simple pathway to the pinnacle of athletic accomplishment has been opened through the NHIAA’s partnership with the Life of an Athlete (LoA) Program. While most stereotypical health and fitness plans blandly harp upon the words “diet” and “exercise”, LoA approaches the physical and mental facets of athletic competition using a clear-cut, down to earth technique. Realizing that the time a student athlete spends off the field, court, or ice is as critical as his or her time in the game, LoA provides a concise and realistic set of lifestyle choices for New Hampshire student athletes.

Emphasis is placed on the power of student athletes and coaches to serve as positive role models to their peers and teammates. Communication of the LoA guidelines as well as positive messages among athletes and coaches are simplified through the use of social media within the program. These diverse and accessible postings promote a feasible route to peak performance while also underlining the importance of abstaining from alcohol and other drugs. New Hampshire high school sports have reached the next level of health, agility, and excellence through the Life of an Athlete program.

Developed by Olympic trainer John Underwood, Life of an Athlete has achieved notable success in promoting wholesome athletic lifestyles throughout the United States. The NHIAA is proud to collaborate with LoA in the interest of safeguarding current student athletes and in effect benefitting New Hampshire’s future adult population.

Being an athlete for Pinkerton Academy is very special. It allows opportunity for passion, drive, responsibility, pride and an overall leadership. Life of an Astro connects all of the athletes togethe…

— Reilly Hankus (Student Athlete, Pinkerton Academy)