nhiaaThe New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association is the official administrative organization of New Hampshire high school sports. Athletics are an important part of a complete high school experience, however it must be realized that success on the field, the court, or the ice is secondary to academic achievement in the classroom. As the leading governing body of New Hampshire high school athletics, the NHIAA is committed to fostering the development of sportsmanship among NH’s youth in close conjunction with a strong foothold on academic principle.

A fortified background of impartiality gained through athletic competition will remain an integral part of a person’s life long after his or her high school years. Sports in turn provide students a welcome break from the rigors of classroom study and bring communities together through the excitement that rightfully builds around a fair playing team. The NHIAA is proud to furnish a high standard of athletic achievement catering to the diverse talents and abilities of New Hampshire students.

Whether you are a student athlete, coach, school administrator, parent, sponsor, or fan the NHIAA is honored to have you share in our mission of serving New Hampshire’s youth. Please find the NHIAA newsletter, division standings, game scores and results, future game dates and times, tournament schedules and brackets, NHIAA student leadership committee information, and links to NHIAA partners on our site.

The NHIAA has a respected history of service to young people in the granite state and looks forward to continuing the advancement of mature young adults who are more prepared for life after high school through their experiences as student athletes.

To learn more about the NHIAA, visit their website.

Living a healthy lifestyle to me means eating healthy and avoiding drugs and alcohol, just as Life of an Athlete promotes. By getting enough sleep, drinking water and avoiding substances, I can im…

— Eleanor Eaton (Student Athlete, Moltonborough Academy)