Larry Averill, Athletic Director, Epping High School

Being an athletic administrator at a small school presents its own set of challenges surrounding social substance use.  LOA is a program focused on healthy lifestyles that helps u… Read More

Eleanor Eaton, Student Athlete, Moltonborough Academy

Living a healthy lifestyle to me means eating healthy and avoiding drugs and alcohol, just as Life of an Athlete promotes. By getting enough sleep, drinking water and avoiding subs… Read More

Jeff Cloos, Athletic Director, Inter-Lakes High School

We started implementing aspects of the Life of an Athlete program at the beginning of the fall season. We did a general overview of the program at our parent/athlete/coach meeting … Read More

Patti Kennelly, Principal, Inter-Lakes High School

Students have heard “just say no” and about the evils of drugs and alcohol for so long that they can get de-sensitized to these messages. Life of an Athlete focuses on … Read More

Jamie Edge, Student Assistance Prevention Counselor, Inter-Lakes School

I am the Student Assistance Prevention Counselor for our school and it is wonderful to have the Life of an Athlete program. I bring in any sort of drug prevention that makes sense … Read More