Sarah Dunlap, Student Athlete, Inter-Lakes High School

Life of an Athlete has opened my eyes and the eyes of numerous other athletes on my team. We never realized to what extent our nutrition, behavior, and training could affect us. We… Read More

Maria Aiello, Student Athlete, Pinkerton Academy

To me, Life of an Astro is an important program that not only benefits the athletes but the school as a whole. It’s great to know that now there’s a program to unite ev… Read More

Amy Bernard, Coach, Pinkerton Academy

I am so happy to be a part of the implementation of Life of An Athlete at Pinkerton Academy. I feel that this program really gives our athletes the knowledge, tools, and skills the… Read More

Reilly Hankus, Student Athlete, Pinkerton Academy

Being an athlete for Pinkerton Academy is very special. It allows opportunity for passion, drive, responsibility, pride and an overall leadership. Life of an Astro connects all of … Read More