For Implementors

To bring the Life of an Athlete program to your school, you will need to complete the following as it relates to each of the five essential components of the LoA program.

Code of Conduct

  • Send NHIAA your school code of conduct/athletic handbook for review
  • Schedule a policy meeting with NHIAA
  • Form a policy review committee
  • Adapt LoA policies into your school policies

Pre-Season Meeting

  • Conduct a mandatory pre-season meeting for athletes and parents
  • Include messages of living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Have your student leaders present

Youth Leadership

  • Continue promoting the messages about positive lifestyle choices at your school
  • Use 5 Cs to choose leaders/captains
  • Have captains hold team meetings to spread messages of anything they learned at these trainings
  • Encourage your students to follow the LOA social media channels and be active on the sites
  • Incentivize participation in mentoring younger athletes

Training for Coaches

  • Educate and inform coaches about positive lifestyle choices
  • Educate coaches on positive role model behaviors
  • Hand out the LoA Coach’s Playbooks
  • Assess coach performance
  • Encourage coaches to use the 5 C’s document to choose team leaders, incorporate LOA messages at practices and games, react if they see/smell something suspicious

Stakeholder Unity

  • Use the LoA web-based trainings for parents/guardians that cannot attend the pre-season meeting
  • Empower youth leaders to conduct the local presentation
  • Encourage local restaurants to offer healthy choice food varieties for athletes
  • Use the local LoA branding

Examples of Schools Using the LoA Branding

LoA member schools are encouraged to adapt school logos to acknowledge their participation in the Life of an Athlete program. A few examples are shown below.

white mountainsTimberlane OwlBelmont -AthleteHanover-MaraudersHinsdale-PacersLogo Leb TagLittletonwoodsville-engineers-2Pembroke Academynewmarket-mules-blackLOA Royal Purplekeene-blackbird-hs-orangeEpping Custom-SchoolCampbell All Red white outline

Additional Resources for Parents:

Additional Resources for Coaches:

Additional Resources for Administration:

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We started implementing aspects of the Life of an Athlete program at the beginning of the fall season. We did a general overview of the program at our parent/athlete/coach meeting but also spent a lit…

— Jeff Cloos (Athletic Director, Inter-Lakes High School