Getting Started

LoA FrameworkThe Life of an Athlete program provides a framework for athletic directors and coaches to promote healthy life choices for optimal performance for their athletic communities. The LoA framework includes five essential components. These include:

Codes of Conduct

Based on the principles of Restorative Justice, LoA’s comprehensive code includes clear character-based expectations for student athletes and fans as well as defined consequences to any code violations.

Pre-Season Meeting

A mandatory meeting ensures all parents and athletes understand the responsibilities of team participation. Expectations and philosophy are clearly defined.

Youth Leadership

Student team leaders create a culture of high expectations among teammates, both in terms of team performance and positive lifestyle choices.

Training for Coaches

Coaches have a critical role to play in dealing with substance abuse among their athletes. Training coaches is imperative both to raise coach consciousness and to equip them to deal with the issues that arise.

Stakeholder Unity

In addition to parents, coaches and athletic directors, support from school administrators and board of education members is essential to the long term viability of the LoA program.

Living a healthy lifestyle to me means eating healthy and avoiding drugs and alcohol, just as Life of an Athlete promotes. By getting enough sleep, drinking water and avoiding substances, I can im…

— Eleanor Eaton (Student Athlete, Moltonborough Academy)