Athletic Director Resources

Athletic Directors, along with coaches, will be on the front lines when it comes to executing the Life of an Athlete program. ADs need to define clear expectations and support coaches in their efforts to be effective.

ADs are in a position to effectively support the program because they have various resources at their disposal, working closely with school administrators including superintendents and principals. This allows ADs to influence expectations and create a supportive environment, accessing resources and funding to help the program succeed.

Another important relationship is between the ADs and substance abuse professionals. By having substance abuse professionals on board, the AD can work to expand the reach of the LoA program into non-sports curriculum areas. This includes health classes and physical education classes.

Additional Resources for Athletic Directors:

Download the LoA Program Manual, Coaches’ Playbook and Power Back Diet Plan.

         NHIAA PowerBack Diet

Students have heard "just say no" and about the evils of drugs and alcohol for so long that they can get de-sensitized to these messages. Life of an Athlete focuses on how to maintain optimal health a…

— Patti Kennelly (Principal, Inter-Lakes High School