Parent Meetings

The LoA Program establishes mandatory seasonal meetings for parents and athletes. Topics of discussion include conditions for involvement, expectations, philosophy and what it means to be an athlete.

parent meetingsThe goal of the meeting is to set standards for everyone involved in a child’s athletic experience. In other words, it puts everyone — student athletes, parents, and coaches – on the same page. It’s especially important that parents (or guardians) understand the basis for the athletic Code of Conduct and why school administrators and coaches will strictly enforce it.

The meeting provides an opportunity to emphasize positive lifestyle choices and their impact on optimal athletic performance. It is made very clear to the student athletes that the LoA Program provides a support system for them as they navigate through the difficult teenage years.

To me, Life of an Astro is an important program that not only benefits the athletes but the school as a whole. It's great to know that now there's a program to unite every single different sport at ou…

— Maria Aiello (Student Athlete, Pinkerton Academy)