Diet and Nutrition

The Case for Good Nutrition

Every time you’re tempted to eat junk food, fast food, convenience food or sugar remember this fact:

“What you put in your body is what you’ll get out of it.

Proper nutrition will increase your energy level and improve your performance as an athlete.  If you want to perform at your best, eat better. The right balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is critical to recovery after a workout as well as during competition. Athletes can influence performance by making smart informed choices about nutrition, sleep, alcohol, and drugs.

Proper diet will:

  • Increase your level of performance
  • Speed recovery
  • Improve the quality of your training

Nutrition for Athletes

The LoA PowerBack Diet was specifically designed for student athletes and provides important nutritional guidance in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Proper nutrition improves athletic and non-athletic performance, while alcohol, tobacco and other similar drugs impede performance in numerous ways.

An athlete’s body requires much greater energy than those who are less active. Proper nutrition is especially important for student athletes who are still growing. When an athlete is training, the body is in a constant state of repair. There is an ongoing process of maintaining and repairing muscle mass that is required to remain structurally capable to perform and compete.

Most athletes engaged in a high level of training should eat every four hours. This maintains blood sugar levels needed to fuel major body systems, like the brain and muscles. If blood glucose levels reach critical low levels, nearly every measurable parameter of body and brain function rapidly declines. Maintaining constant blood sugar levels has the added advantage of improving overall health by reducing the amount of stress hormone released. Stress hormone should be avoided because it tears down muscle capacity.

“Even borderline low blood sugar levels harm performance.

Healthy snacks between meals improve performance by keeping your brain and muscles fueled. Nutritious choices include dried fruit, power bars, or a few sips of watered down Gatorade to help maintain blood sugar levels which is the key to being alert and physically responsive.

If you have special dietary needs, please consult a medical professional and adjust your diet accordingly.

Download a copy of the Power Back Diet and start living healthier today!

LoA PowerBack Diet and Nutrition Plan


Students have heard "just say no" and about the evils of drugs and alcohol for so long that they can get de-sensitized to these messages. Life of an Athlete focuses on how to maintain optimal health a…

— Patti Kennelly (Principal, Inter-Lakes High School