Weekly Workout Plans

Workout Plans for High School Athletes

Want to know how to properly train for optimal performance? These workout plans will help guide you along the way to reach your athletic goals. With the knowledge of Navy Seals, these workouts will help High School athletes at all levels. Whether your just beginning or have been training for years, following these plans will help improve your everyday performance.


Workout Plan Guide:

Each workout plan is developed to be done in 4 week increments. Once you have completed a training program for 4 weeks, move on to the next one.

Workout Plan Guide


Warm Up

This warm up guide will help assist you in regards to getting your body and muscles ready to perform. Warm ups are essential for athletes as it increases your body temperature but does not fatigue.
Here is a guide to follow before starting any kind of athletic activity:

Warm Up Menu


Cool Down

After exerting energy during athletic performance, it is important to consider cool down exercises. Basic stretches help prevent muscle tightness when activities end. This guide will assist you with proper exercises to cool down the muscles groups that were utilized.

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Weekly Workout Plans

NH Training Program 1

NH Training Program 2

NH Training Program 3


Students have heard "just say no" and about the evils of drugs and alcohol for so long that they can get de-sensitized to these messages. Life of an Athlete focuses on how to maintain optimal health a…

— Patti Kennelly (Principal, Inter-Lakes High School