Author: Molly Collimore | October 28, 2014

Goffstown Senior Night

Senior Night

Senior Night for the Goffstown Volleyball Program is a big deal. A really big deal.  Varsity gathers months before to start planning the last home game of the year. You need a theme, decorations, gifts, speeches and more. And did I mention the costumes? In addition all of this is kept a secret from the seniors, who won’t know anything until they walk in that night with a procession and carefully selected music.

This year we knew we needed to top all expectations and make it a night to remember for our three beloved seniors. After choosing Mexican Fiesta for the theme, preparations began. A frenzy of buying, decorating and planning ensued until the big night. All three of our teams, varsity, jv and freshman, showed up three hours before the game to start decorating. This was no joke. We hung over 20 posters, draped streamers and hung balloons on every surface imaginable and prepared the ponchos, sombreros and maracas for our seniors. As the crowd started to arrive, we passed out sombreros, maracas and even a donkey costume to them. The opposing team was in for a loud night!

All the hard work was worth it when the seniors saw the gym. Lots of crying ensued and everybody exclaimed that it was the best Senior Night ever. The referees were impressed and even the coach of the opposing team said it was the best decorating she had ever seen. Overall, the night was a huge success. I can’t to see what the team will come up with for my night next year!

GOF Sr. Night

GOF Sr. Night 2



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