Author: Emily Durette | August 25, 2014

Healthy Lifestyle in High School

As a busy high schooler, I have seen how living a healthy lifestyle has positively contributed to my success. In my opinion, there are many different factors that play a part into a healthy lifestyle – eating healthy, exercising, socializing, sleeping, and reducing stress. Learning to balance all these aspects perfectly is a tough thing to do, and I can say that I haven’t mastered it. As a varsity athlete, I find that I do my best in school and on the field when I get a good night’s sleep of at least eight hours and nutritious meals. School tends to be overwhelming, so to reduce the stress related to it, I not only try to socialize with friends outside of school, but I always make a point to have time to myself.
Managing this balancing act can be challenging, but I try to find ways to counteract the factors. For example, if I eat a few slices of pizza, I will make sure to exercise to burn those calories off. Or, if I stayed up late the night before to study for a test, I try to go to sleep earlier the next day to make up for lost sleep.
I believe that the five factors I mentioned are important to a healthy lifestyle. In my three years of high school, I credit my success to the healthy lifestyle I have lived. The hard work of balancing pays off in the end and will benefit you.

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