Author: Joshua Reeks | August 25, 2014


Creation of new things comes from leaders. An assembly line is a method of creation. When you break down an assembly line there are many parts working together to create an object, such as a car. There are those, which build the frame, which attach the doors, which paint the car, which install the interior, and many more contributors. All of the parts of the line work together to create a finely tuned piece of machinery. But who leads the entire operation? In this case a factory manager would lead them. This role is essential. Without a factory manager( a leader) the entire operation would shut down because the works(the team) would not know what to do or when to do it. In the assembly line, all parts are needed, bbut the leader is most essential because it is the leader whom organizes all other parts. If the leader organizes his/her team correctly and uses all parts wisely rather than jsut a few, it is almost a guarentee that the created product will be the best it can be.
Being a leader of a school, a team, or a community is very much similar. By using all parts of a community to their fullest potential, the best possible outcome will most likely occur. However, it is up to a leader in the community to make it all happen. To be a leader one cannot just direct others. Although delegation is a large part of leading, so is listening before-hand. Being a leader is taking in what everything thinks, and just like when building a car, putting all of those parts together to end with the very best possible product.
It takes very little leadership to tell people to do something you want. What real leadership is, is having the ability to take the ideas of everyone around you, figure out how to use them together for the best outcome, and then to use your united parts to turn that amazing idea into a reality and create something awesome!

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