Manual Documents

Here you will find all of the supporting documents for the Life of an Athlete Program Manual.

Life of an Athlete Program Manual

Getting Started

Roles and Responsibilities

Readiness to Implement

Getting Started: A Case Study

Common Challenges and Solutions to Getting Started


Student Leadership

Steps for Implementing Student Leadership

Life of an Athlete’s Leadership Guide

The Five C’s of an Effective Leader Assessment

The Powerback Diet

Healthy Recipes

Weekly Meal Plans

Life of an Athlete’s Sleep Manual

Training Tips

LoA Student Leaders Tasklist

Student Leaders Scenario Sheet

Student Leadership Curriculum

Common Challenges and Solutions to Implementing Student Leadership


Engaging Coaches

Steps to Engaging Coaches

Life of an Athlete’s Coaches’ Playbook

The Five C’s of an Effective Leader Assessment

Coaches Checklist to Improve Lifestyle Choices

LoA Coaches’ Tasklist

Coach’s Commitment

Coaches Evaluation for Professional Improvement Plan

Engaging Coaches Curriculum

TEAM Coaching

Selecting and Training Student Athlete Leaders

Conflict Resolution Process

Engaging Coaches: A Case Study

Common Challenges and Solutions to Engaging Coaches


Pre-Season Meeting

Steps to Conduct a Pre-Season Meeting

Pre-Season Meeting Agenda Guidance

Pre-Season Meeting Agenda Template

Pre-Season Meeting Curriculum

Parent Code of Commitment

Parents Role in Interscholastic Athletics

Parenting Guide (Coming Soon!)

Article: Parenting Style Plays Key Role In Teen Drinking (NPR)

Article: Hands-On vs. Hands-Off Parenting

Pre-Season Meeting: A Case Study

Common Challenges and Solutions to Pre-Season Meetings


Codes of Conduct

Steps to Strengthen and Enforce Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct Curriculum

Addressing a Code Violation

12 Ways to Improve Your Codes of Conduct

Codes Check List

Codes Checklist Definitions

Model Policy Template

LoA Social Discipline Window

Codes of Conduct: A Case Study

Common Challenges and Solutions to Strengthening and Enforcing Codes of Conduct


Stakeholder Unity

Steps to Improve Stakeholder Unity

Stakeholder Unity Curriculum

What Communities Need to Know

Article: Yellow-Card/Red-Card

Yellow-Card/Red-Card Template

Stakeholder Unity: A Case Study

Common Challenges and Solutions to Unifying Stakeholders



Steps to Participate in Evaluation

Tips for Distributing Surveys

Key Points from Year One Evaluation

LoA Youth Survey

LoA Fidelity Checklist to Athletic Directors

LoA Fidelity Checklist NHIAA

LoA Fidelity Checklist Evaluators

LoA Fidelity Checklist Prevention Professional

Incentive Summary 14-15

LoA Evaluation Report



Tips for Sustaining Life of an Athlete



Living a healthy lifestyle to me means eating healthy and avoiding drugs and alcohol, just as Life of an Athlete promotes. By getting enough sleep, drinking water and avoiding substances, I can im…

— Eleanor Eaton (Student Athlete, Moltonborough Academy)