Author: Cameron Daly | August 20, 2014

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle means a lot to me. As a student athlete and someone who plans to get money for college with athletics, I watch my lifestyle really carefully. As a runner, the two days before a meet I start planning for the meet by getting the proper amount of sleep, eating healthy and hydrating priorities. Also as a student athlete it is really important to me to make healthy lifestyle choices and make sure that my teammates are making healthy choices as well. I choose to not drink, smoke or do anything of that sort that will hurt my athletic performance. I make it a priority of mine to make sure that my teammates aren’t using these substances too. Not only is making healthy lifestyle choices important to me but it is important to me that my classmates and teammates are making these choices as well.






Your Thoughts

To me, Life of an Astro is an important program that not only benefits the athletes but the school as a whole. It's great to know that now there's a program to unite every single different sport at ou…

— Maria Aiello (Student Athlete, Pinkerton Academy)