Author: Casey Sturzo | August 25, 2014

New England Student Leadership Conference

This past summer was my second consecutive time attending the New England Student Leadership Conference as a student delegate. And this past summer I learned even more than I did the first! I was happy to be accompanied by a few underclassmen from my school, to see them branch out and take on new challenges was really cool. I love what this conference supports because every time I leave it, I feel confident that I can make an impact back home at my school. The social part is just a perk. Making new friends from other states, even within my own state, is wicked fun. Sharing stories with them and learning about different cheers they say or what sports they do is really interesting. Some of the people I have met through the conference have stayed in touch with me and we have been great friends since. I know this conference is more than making friends, but it’s so hard not to mention that aspect. From NESLC, I return to my school with the skills needed to promote good sportsmanship and healthy decision making. My only hope is that with my last year of high school, I can help set foundation for a positive change in the athletics in my community. I reccomend NESLC to any person wanting to learn and branch out of their comfort zones. It’s one of the greatest things a student could do!

Life of an Athlete has opened my eyes and the eyes of numerous other athletes on my team. We never realized to what extent our nutrition, behavior, and training could affect us. We always worked hard …

— Sarah Dunlap (Student Athlete, Inter-Lakes High School