Author: Sam Munnelly | August 25, 2014

New England Student Leadership Conference

The New England Student Leadership Conference was an honor to be a part of. To be selected as a delegate to represent my state was a terrific opportunity. The conference itself is a very prestigious one, for its true success as a conference, and how other states try and model our conference. At the conference, you were always busy. The days were planned with exciting activities, like motivational speakers, a trip to Gillette Stadium, community service projects, and more. During the day, we also broke out into small groups to discuss the key aspects of leaders, which gave us ideas to incorporate into our state action plans. In these small groups, we would play games and do activities that all tied back to the leadership topic we were talking about. These groups were great opportunities to meet people from other states, or even from our own state. The community service project was a great time to bond with your group. Another group we would break out into was the state groups. Here, we would discuss ideas for our state action plan. The state action plan is an idea that your state comes up with, presents to the conference as a whole, and plans to bring it back to your state and put it into action. New Hampshire’s state action plan was a Special Olympics Awareness Week, where we will do certain daily things, like wear the Special Olympics colors. It is a great way to spread the word about Special Olympics, and to get people involved. After all of our activities for the day were completed, we would have rec time.  At rec time, you could do many things, like play soccer, Frisbee, basketball, run on the track, and more. It was a great time to get active and meet new people. The conference was a great experience, and I can’t wait for next year!

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